Every province in Canada (Quebec not included), has their own and unique PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) that allows them to nominate those persons who are interested in settling in that province. Each PNP has its own guidelines, criteria, and specific “streams” that targets business professionals, skilled workers, and students. This makes it easy for each province to attract and gain more immigrants that has precise skills, knowledge, and work experience that meets the local labor market requirements or needs.

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Express Entry PNP (Provincial Nominee Program)

When a person creates an Express Entry Profile you can say or include which provinces you are interested in moving to, it is also possible to apply directly for a nomination. Targeting a PNP province with an Express Entry can help increase your chance percentage of getting accepted to apply for permanent residency. When you get a nomination certificate from a PNP, it will give you enough points that can give you an ITA (Invitation to Apply) during the next draw. An experienced immigration lawyer can help you match your education, experience, and skill that will suit you the best. The Canadian Immigration has a lot of experience in helping people attain permanent residency in Canada

Canadian Permanent Residency applications are processed faster when submitted under express entry. Applications under the traditional method can take as long as 24 months while getting processed. However, Canadian Permanent Residency under Express Entry will only take 6 months or sometimes less.

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PNP Program Canada

Express Entry Canada with Provincial Nominee Program

There are two most efficient and effective ways of applying for an Express Entry PNP (Provincial Nominee Program).

  • The first way is to contact a nominee program in Canada and apply directly for a nomination under the selected province’s stream. If the person is accepted and nominated by the PNP they can make an Express Entry profile and accept the nomination through their own MyCIC account.
  • The second way is to start by creating a profile that will show which provinces you have chosen and where you would like to live and work in. If you have received a notification from one the selected provinces, you can immediately apply under their stream, if you are successful with this you can accept their nomination via your My CIC account.

Does PNP Allow You to Work in Canada Immediately?

After a provinces nominates you for a PR (permanent resident/residency), you are not allowed to work in Canada unless you have a valid work permit.

If you or an immigrant has been issued with a PR Card, they cannot work in Canada until they have acquired their legal working status form CIC.

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