You are eligible to apply for the citizenship in Canada if you are 18 years or above. In order to apply for the citizenship in Canada you must hold permanent residence. You must have at least three years of stay on Canadian soil, before you apply for the citizenship during the fourth year. You must know English or French in order to apply for it and also, you must know about Canada. There is a small test that will be conducted prior to your citizenship in Canada.

More About Citizenship

The rules for applying for the citizenship in Canada has come to some amendment in June 2017 and modified further in recent October. Applicants can contact to appropriate IRCC office where your application will be evaluated for the further procedure.

A citizenship test will be conducted for the candidates between the age of 18-54 which includes; test for the language, history of the Canada, rights and responsibility of a citizen along with Canadian geography. You need to pass the test with minimum threshold and that you are meeting all the necessary legal terms required to meet the process of getting citizenship.

Make sure your record is clean and you have no criminal activity recorded. This may result in refusal of the citizenship and can also lead you to departure. Also, you need to make sure, you are not refused before, when you applied for the citizenship for the first time. For more details, feel free to contact us.

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