Spouse Sponsor

Immigration and sponsorship are correlated to each other. A Canadian government wants you to reunite with your family. Canada is the multinational economy where thousands of people every day in order to seek for a better life. If you are a citizen, student or permanent residence holder here, you are allowed to bring your spouse here.

More About Spouse Sponsor

You must need to be fulfilled all the credentials required to sponsor your spouse. After all the government wants you to spend happy life with your loved one and that you will have bright future together.

SSSS Immigration Services Ltd is here to help you out in making your case strong and for your safe and sound arrival to Canada. Our honed team work relentlessly round the clock to suggest you best of the solution for your query. If you are living in Canada by any means – whether it is PR holder you are or you are conducting any study program there or in any way you are eligible to get your spouse sponsored, you can apply for a sponsorship for your spouse.

You need to prove your relationship with marriage certificate or if you are any kind of conjugal relationship, you need to prove that you are living together for at least 12 months. You need to gather as much proof as you can in order to make your case strong. If for any reason, you are not living together or having any kind of barrier you have that makes you from living together, you need to give reason what is it that preventing you from and how you two got closer.

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