LMIA based Work Permit

Canada is the largest work based economy and offers skilled ones to join their network and help the government to bring to the prosperity. Your application for Labor Market Impact Assessment has to be submitted to authorize personnel and you must bring all the documents with you by the time you land on the Canadian soil.

Based on your nationality and work experience your case will be studied under the supervision of experts and then, you will be noticed with your approval. You must not hold any criminal records as this could raise issues regarding your stay. The government wants your fit form and that you must need to stay in good shape, in order to contribute in the economy.

More About LMIA based Work Permit

Also, you must ensure that you are medically checked up before your tenure in Canada. Government wants you to be healthy. They want you to be in good form and that you must carry all the documents required to work permit. You must state your purpose to stay in Canada and if immigration depart sensed your overstay, they might adhere it to rejecting it.

You need to be confident and sharp at how you want to contribute for the Canadian embassy and that you must carry all the documents regarding your immigration, original passport and all the legal documents that you carried with you before landing and going through border patrol.

A wide range of factors are the reasons for such strictness, especially if you are applying for LMIA based work permit. This could be anywhere from;

  • Economic tie up with your country.
  • The political tie ups.
  • Military issue if any.
  • The water and land legal business deal if any.

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