Legal Opinion Letter

Legal opinion letter is required to make sure, even though you have some conflict going on or have some unlawful insurgency record, you need to submit Legal Opinion Letter for your appeal. The immigration department will further look into the matter and will be noticed with the conclusion. Here at Immigration Services Ltd we provide you best of the solution if you are facing the same query and couldn’t proceed any further. Our team will have one on one sitting with you and will provide you with the right solution to your query.

Legal opinion letter is admissible to two main principals

Deemed Rehabilitation

Candidate who has one non serious offense registered becomes subjected to 10 years of rehab period. The evaluation for the process further deemed to come into process after this much time elapsed. After this point onwards, the candidate will no longer be admissible, simply because enough time has passed.
This may trigger the immigration officer and may result into refusal of your application.

Inadmissible charges

There are certain charges that may not be matched with Canadian government and thus deemed for inadmissible. Charges that may not be included in Canadian laws needs to be evaluated and needs to come to surface with firm gravity. Also, ifthe charges set against you, are not equivalent to the Canadian laws, will not be termed for inadmissibility.

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